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Competition continues to be fierce in the trucking industry

ELD causing smaller trucking to be more efficient to successfully compete with the "big boys"

Increased efficiency reduces costs, shortens time to revenue, enables better accounting and reporting

Time to look at increased automation for dispatching, invoicing, paying and other areas of your core business

Transportation Management System (TMS) applications pay for themselves, generate significant return on investment

Trucksoft has a full-featured, easy-to-use package that let's you get going right away to be a better competitor and more efficient company


TMS helps companies move freight from origin to destination efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively. It consists of software and optional hardware that automate core trucking companies operation

TMS packages generally consist of the following capabilities:

  • Dispatching
  • Tracking
  • "Paperwork" such as BOL, proof of delivery
  • Driver management such as how to pay a driver (load weight, miles, time, etc.)
  • Customer invoicing and driver payment
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Optional interface with other apps such as ELD, engine monitoring, cameras


Consider the example of a coast-to-coast driver who picks up a load in CA and drops it off in Maine. Invoicing can't happen until the company gets the paperwork and proof of delivery

Driver can always FAX it, really?

Driver can scan it and email it, seriously?

Once the company gets the paperwork, they now have to type in details for invoicing. Never had a mistake? Papers never got lost? Customer audits take time to leaf through lots of paper

Never made a mistake paying the driver because someone misread the paperwork or lost it?

Multiple partial loads make this all the more complicated; lots of trucks makes this even more complicated

Large, established trucking companies already have such systems and use them effectively. Keeps prices and costs down, increases customer satisfaction

You should do the same!


Question: As compared to manual processes, what do you believe you save, as percentage of freight costs, from using a TMS?

Source: ARC Strategies


Source: ARC Strategies


Better understanding of service costs

Personnel reductions

Better compliance to transportation-related health, safety and environmental regulations

Potential reduction in the number of warehouses

Customers gain access to a greater number of carriers and lock up capacity

Make sure that this is you!

In short, TMS provides significant benefits to your business and is a necessity in today's marketplace!


Founded in 2014

Located in Fresno, CA, home of many trucking companies

Has developed several products of interest: TMS, ELD, Ag Software, Accounting and Payroll, Tracking and others

Trucksoft totally developed its own products, owns all the Intellectual Property

Has over 1,000 trucks successfully using the Trucksoft TMS product


Works anywhere, any device, secure

Portal and phone/tablet app for back office and driver, no need for paper anymore, app and portal fully synchronized

Fully integrated dispatch, billing, payroll, driver payments

Optional QuickBooks™ integration

Capture paperwork, e.g., fuel receipts, BOL, on camera, integrate to portal

Dashboard provides full visibility in a single screen

Message Board and secure chat capabilities between back office, drivers, customers

Support for multiple payment schemes for drivers

Ability to invoice immediately upon delivery


Makes your business extremely efficient and competitive

Can reduce office and personnel expenses

Makes accounting more accurate and much quicker, reduces related expenses

Faster and more accurate invoicing increases cash flow

Phone app reduces driver workload,increases available drive time makes the entire process run faster and more accurate

More timely and accurate status information makes for more efficient fleet scheduling and dispatch

Reduced overhead expenses allows you to be more competitive on pricing


Full integration, one app for managing the business

Tight integration with remote driver phone/tablet app

Our system resembles a webpage and is easy to use, rather than a spreadsheet-like interface—You can be 80% proficient in 30 minutes

Our system is customizable

Integrated GPS for tracking, pre-trip driver checklist, no need for ELD for these

Integration with QuickBooks and others (optional)

Clock-in/Clock-out capabilities for better timekeeping and accurate payroll

Customizable forms

Grows with your company, no need for different software


 Before Trucksoft Implementation

  • 56 TRUCKS
  • 27 Telephone Lines
  • 5 Accounting Employees
  • 4 Dispatchers

 After Trucksoft Implementation

  • 69 Trucks
  • 8 Telephone Lines
  • 3 Accounting Employees
  • 2 Dispatchers