Trucksoft GPS Satellite Vehicle Tracking Systems

Trucksoft satellite vehicle tracking software system is the ultimate solution for managing your company vehicles or assets wherever they go. Pure satellite GPS truck tracking offers detailed reporting and real-time GPS updates for company fleets that operate in areas where there is no cellular coverage. No matter where your vehicles go, you can keep track of their location, speed, direction heading and more. With accurate vehicle statuses, you can manage and improve your business.

Pure satellite tracking is more commonly used than GPS cellular tracking for vehicles that travel in less than adequate cellular coverage areas. It is an ideal option for companies that operate in remote areas.

Passive satellite asset tracking is also popular. Passive satellite asset tracking systems allow for infrequent, periodic data transfer. Depending on the device, GPS updates can be as frequent as every two minutes when connected to a power source, or between one and six updates per day when using the GPS unit’s internal battery.

Simple Satellite Tracking Systems You Can Trust

Track Your Truck only offers passive asset tracking satellite solutions in conjunction with its Premium Live GPS tracking. We deliver GPS units fully tested, certified and activated. All you have to do is open the box, affix the unit and start tracking your fleet! Our staff is committed to matching your business with a cost-effective vehicle tracking solution.

Our passive tracking devices are completely waterproof and sealed for exterior mounting as well as certified by major cell carriers for top line reliability. Antennas are concealed internally to prevent breakage.

NetTrack, Track Your Truck’s powerful vehicle tracking application, is included with every purchase of a GPS satellite tracking system. NetTrack improves fleet management with an easy-to-use, Web-based mapping interface that collects location data from all your vehicles or assets.

Considerations When Choosing a GPS Satellite Vehicle Tracking Device

If you feel that your fleet could benefit from a GPS satellite vehicle tracking device, the number of options available can quickly become overwhelming. When looking at those options, consider the following questions:

Is this for asset tracking or vehicle tracking?

If it is for asset “trailer” tracking, do you want up to 6 updates daily or do you prefer real time tracking with 2 minute updates when the trailer is tethered?

Do you need 24-hour operation or interval reporting?

Will theft recovery features, which set a job-site radius and alert the fleet manager if the vehicle leaves the site, benefit your fleet?

Do you need to monitor driver behavior or use of the fleet equipment?

Would a LIVE Premium GPS Plug-In Tracker or Hardwired GPS Tracker work best for your fleet?