Trucksoft Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Trucksoft EDI Trucking Software provides a full range of transactions available including:

  • Invoicing (210)
  • Load tendering (204 & 211)
  • Status updates (214) – Linked to real time satellite and handhelds, allowing for:
    • Location updates
    • Check calls, which are fully automated within dispatch

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is a standardized electronic format for data placement that is be exchanged between software applications. This allows your company to exchange freight shipping documents with Trucksoft Carriers to provide you with current shipping and billing information, as well as other helpful business data. Trucksoft Carriers uses the X12 EDI standard.

How EDI Works
Trucksoft provides technical support for electronic data interchange, including the X12 EDI standard. Trucksoft supports the standard EDI transaction sets you need to send and receive shipping and billing information.


The Generate EDI screen displays a list of outstanding single-order invoices that have not yet been processed. Just choose the check box beside the appropriate invoices and select Send when you are ready to generate the file.

By choosing the Access button, you can immediately review the order or invoice for a particular line item.


One of the newer features is Payables EDI. You can now pay your Suppliers through a credit card company.

Once you send an ePayment, the system will automatically create a temporary check to show that the Invoice is no longer outstanding. When payment is approved, the credit card company's message will appear in the Reference field on the Payables ยป Checks screen. You can also receive email notification when you receive a response from your credit card company.

The ePayment Messages screen is a convenient way to review the status and history of ePayment request files.

EDI Benefits

The ability to exchange data with Trucksoft at any time

Significant reduce business expenses, improved productivity and optimized workflow

Automatically submit BOLs and Pickup Requests

Faster transactions, less processing time

Quick and easy to implement